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Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
defense and appealed. >> whenever you decide someone's guilty, we might as well get this thing over with and you lose this concept of due process. that is something that should worry all of us. >> reporter: for 10 victims, eight of whom are known and testified at trial, the virtual life sentence brings a measure of closure and justice. >> they're relieved that there -- jerry's going to prison the rest of his life and can't harm anymore children. >> the judge said to the victims directly looking down at them that he admired their courage for coming forward and shouldn't see themselves as victims but as people who had the courage to come forward. >> reporter: f jurors who convicted him, two were on hand for the sentenceing, a small measure of pride for having done their duty. >> we did what we had to do and made the right decision. he's put away and children in this area are safe. it's all good, you know. >> you feel good about your role in this? >> yes. >> reporter: coming up at the bottom of the hour, we'll take you live to pennsylvania for more insight into the sentenceing today an
Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
on the defense of saying what they thought was an advantage. >> and thank you for checking in to that. a lot of folks were talking about that and he does not pull punches. i think he got a good answer from him. thank you, tom fitzgerald. >>> our coverage includes you at home. we want to hear from you as you approach elect day. use the hash tag fox 5 d.c. you decide and tweet your thoughts about the candidate, issues, the election and more as we countdown to november. >>> and now to the weather, below average temperatures gripping the region. gary mccready -- gary mcgrady is in the weather center. i turned the heat on and it was too cold now. >> me, too. this morning. >> yes. >> and we are wimpy. >>you look 80s, right in. >> yes. >> and let me tell you something. you think it's coal mere, we're looking -- here, we're look at radar. a few showers, not much in the district and just a little bit along the southern prince in stereo southern -- into southern sections of prince georges county. the rain is harder, more widespread the temperature is 43 degrees. the temperature in hagersdo
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. thank you. >>> a tough season for the redskins defensive player adam caraker. and he's out for the season. on sunday, he lost the bet to ben gold beg, a former wrestling star and the bet, if the skins lost, he would dress up as goldberg. he would have sported a redskins jersey if the skin his won. >> man of integrity, made good on the bet. >> good. >>> coming up on the 5, council members discuss the future of udc. we're going to tell you about the plan to get the university back on the right financial track. >> plus, the vice presidentual candidate is set to square off. we'll get to local students to get their perspective. >>> a student said she paid the price for wearing a mitt romney t-shirt to school. wait until you hear who is behind taunting as we continue. [ barack obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. more huge tax breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
specifically to rehaven't the cuts to military and defense spending. those cuts are built into the across-the-board spending reductions that will be triggered if congress doesn't pass a budget by the end of the year. the governor said virginia would lose more than $32 billion in product and labor income if the cuts go through. >>> leon panetta said the u.s. sent troops to the border of syria and libya for possible cross-cultural violence. the u.s. has been working with jordan to monitor chemical and biological weapon's sites in syria and to have them deal with refugees pouring over the border from syria. the u.s. will, the u.s. presence will establish a headquarters and beef up jordan's military capabilities should violence erupt on the border. >>> fireworks at a hearing on capitol hill today. trying to defend the obama administration's handling of the terrorist attack on the american consulate in libya. the attack killed a u.s. embass door and three other americans. tom fitzgerald is following this. this is a political battle. >> reporter: it really has and showed no sign of letti
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4